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Accurate Hearing Test In Midland, MI

Nearly a fifth of all Americans have hearing loss that is so severe it impacts their daily life. That proportion rises to over one-third by age 65, according to a recent report. In order to diagnose this increasingly common problem, people must make an appointment with an audiologist for a hearing test. Midland, MI locals can contact Bay Area Hearing to schedule a diagnostic hearing test that will help us establish your hearing profile or audiogram.

Why Is It Needed?

The good news is that most hearing loss issues can be managed successfully with the help of a hearing aid. But before we can determine if the device will help you with your auditory issues, we must assess your level of hearing loss. Only then will we be able to explore treatment options. Completely painless and surprisingly short, we can complete most diagnostics hearing tests in about 30 minutes.

What Are We Looking For?

During the test, your hearing will be checked at many different frequencies. A graphic representation of your hearing ability, an audiogram helps us gauge how well you hear tones at different levels of loudness (decibels) and frequencies. Because healthy human ears perceive sounds in well-established ranges, it is relatively easy to determine if a person has hearing issues after examining their audiogram results. We can then develop specific strategies that may help you improve your hearing significantly.

Make An Appointment Today!

Are you having a hard time understanding what people are saying? You should schedule a hearing test. Midland, MI locals can book an appointment with Bay Area Hearing on our website. You can also call us at (989) 892-6232. Our office is proud to help residents of Bay City, MI with any hearing issues they might have.