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Professional Audiologist In Midland, MI

Do you need an audiologist? Midland, MI residents can visit Bay Area Hearing. Conveniently located in Bay City, you can find our office at the intersection of North Wenona Street and East John Street. As one of the leading hearing aid companies in the area, we provide superior service at an affordable price. Although we focus on your ears, our primary objective is to improve your overall quality of life with the right hearing solution. Whether your hearing loss is mild or severe, in one ear or both, we have a wide range of hearing aids that are designed to meet your particular needs.

Come And See Us Today

Have you never seen an audiologist? Bay City locals can take advantage of a wide range of options, including hearing tests, ear impressions, counseling, hearing aid fitting, and follow-up care. Simply make an appointment online or by phone with our audiologist. Bay County, MI residents can see us during regular office hours, which are:

Monday-Friday: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

No matter why you are visiting us, the helpful, courteous staff at Bay Area Hearing will do their best to make you feel at home. Please stop in and see our audiologist. Midland, MI residents can find us at 200 S. Wenona Street, Suite 165, Bay City, MI. Need help with directions? See the map below, or call us at (989) 892-6232.

Bay Area Hearing
200 S. Wenona St., Suite 165
Bay City, MI 48706


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